The Lost Art of Letter Writing

I used to be so good and writing letters to people on beautiful stationery and sending them out complete with cutesy stickers and maybe a picture, a quote, or pressed flowers. Now, in this crazy world of social media and cell phones, I barely have the energy to hit the “like” button, let alone sit at my desk and write letters. When my friends, Sarah and Mia challenged our Illuminate group to write 10 letters, I got really excited. Here was a chance for me to buy the pretty paper, sit down, and compose real words to people. Agnes Repplier said, “Letter writing on the part of a busy man or woman is the quintessence of generosity.” I thought it was poignant. How often do we take the time to let someone know we are thinking about them and not just sharing an emoji on their latest post? For me, it is rare. So I was excited for the challenge.

They gave ten prompts for letters. One I still have not been able to write, ‘A letter to my former self’ but I did write four ‘love letters;’ one to each of my kids. I wrote a letter to my mom who is suffering from mental health issues and gave some “tough love” along with encouragement to follow her doctors. I wrote a letter to my sister whom I was estranged from for 11 years until this year. I told her about the ways she hurt me and our family with her drug use and then told her how proud I was for the strides she has made and her turn-around at age 35. I wrote my niece who is struggling with her sexuality and let her know how impressed I was with her bravery and authenticity. I let her know I would always be a support system for her and that she was a beautiful person, filled with talent and charm and I couldn’t wait to see what adulthood held for her.

Writing was a blessing for me to be able to take some time out and let the important people in my life know what they meant to me. It was a time for reflection of myself and memories I have with the recipients of these letters and share them with each of those people. I hope that every few months I will recall how peaceful the time was and how my hand traveled the page with ease. I want to make sure I am being diligent in my words and ensure my loved ones know what they mean. My desire is to weave this into my routine and not let if fade away from my schedule.

This post was part of the writing group, Illuminate by Kindred Magazine’s blog hop. To read more about letter writing from other amazing women in our group see the links below:

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pen pals. by Eunice Brownlee
Returned Letters by Jenny Surgenor
A Letter to You by Mala Kennedy
When I Remember This Summer by Ashleigh Bowling


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1 Response to The Lost Art of Letter Writing

  1. miasuttonblog says:

    I love that you were able to write so many letters this month! That’s wonderful. I want to do more letter-writing myself! Thank you for joining the blog hop! xo

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